Continuous Supervision

Our veterinarians supervise health control and management in the farms on a daily basis. All the data related to feed, health and positioning of the animals are monitored in the Management Farm Programme. This allows us to get out traceability and partiuclar information related to the stay in the farm of every individual calf.


When doing a movement guide to the slaughterhouse, it is automatically checked if the animal has been treated with any animal health product. The computer system itself does not allow its movement to the slaughterhouse if the waiting time has not expired.


Besides the continuous supervision of our experts, we are submited to ENPAC external audits (accredited independent entity under the EN 45011 standard). We hold a certificate for Mandatory Label of Beef, approved by de ITACyL  for the use of the brand TIERRA DE SABOR (LAND OF TASTE). 

Miguel Vergara | 2017