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Miguel Vergara Philosphy

The products of Grupo Miguel Vergara are of exceptional quality, thanks to its respect for animals and environment, making them particulary distinguished.

For obtaining excellent meat good practices are vital. This is also important, for ensuring the quality of the meat, that must be constant and uniform.

Own facilities

More than 5.2 square meters are intended for animal welfare. Grupo Miguel Vergara is the spanish company with the largest farm herd for each of the selected breeds. In its facilities, a group of veterinarians and experts in animal welfare monitor the animals health, diet, feeding, confort conditions, way of habitat and many more details that affect directly on the quality the meat will have.

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The taste is what makes the difference

Flavor and uniformity can only be guaranteed if there is an integral control of all the phases of breeding and production. All the products of Miguel Vergara are unique due to the animals from which they come from. These have been raised according to the highest standards of animal welfare, with comfort conditions specially designed for the maximum development of the color, juiciness and infiltration of the meet.