Grupo Miguel Vergara

Three decades of dedication to the beef industry

Más de tres décadas de dedicación al mundo del vacuno

The two main values Grupo Miguel Vergara is based on are the passion for the countryside and respect for animals. This family buissness has dedicated its life to transform itself around cattle ranch in a current corporate holding of 100% spanish capital. Three generations have worked day by day to offer the best meat the national production can offer from the selected breads.

Over three decades of dedication to the beef industry have contributed knowledge that has been applied to each phase of the business in order to obtain meat of exceptional quality that always has homogeneous characteristics.

What makes us different is how we treat our farm animals. All the meat that is sold has been raised in our farms, under rigorous quality controls and constant veterinarian chekups.

Close to you

Do you know where the meat you´re eating comes from?

Proximity is a key factor in ensuring that fresh food conserves all its properties, from the farm to your kitchen.

More than 30,000 animales are raised by Miguel Vergara in farms located in Castilla y León. Between the dehesa of Salamanca and the mountains of Leon, Miguel Vergara counts with more than 5.2 million square meters in which we can pamper each and every one of our animals ensuring their welfare as we also respect the environment.

“Vergara Life”, un proyecto para la obtención del Angus selecto español y la profesionalización de la producción de vacas nodrizas
Innovación y Calidad- Grupo-Miguel
Innovation and quality

The passion for livestock and the acquried commitment in offering the best meat from selected breeds has led us to bet strongly on innovation and to be strict with the internal controls that guarantee food safety.

A large and efficient human team is dedicated to audit every aspect of our activities; from the productive processes, to the feeding and confort of our animals and ending with new packaging technologies that allow us to always be able to offer a homogeneous product, with a higher quality.

Our commitment to transparency has differentiated Grupo Miguel Vergara from the beginning. A thorough control of the products marketed by our group and a complete service destined to inform the final consumer are the two premises on which this commitment is based.

The ongoing researches, based on the creation of new products, allow the company to introduce in the beef market different and valuable proposals. An example of this would be our meat line BLONDA by Miguel Vergara, the beef with the lowest fat on the market.


Filosofía Miguel Vergara Innovación y Calidad- Grupo-Miguel

Miguel Vergara Philosphy

The products of Grupo Miguel Vergara are of exceptional quality, thanks to its respect for animals and environment, making them particulary distinguished.

For obtaining excellent meat good practices are vital. This is also important, for ensuring the quality of the meat, that must be constant and uniform.

Own facilities

More than 5.2 square meters are intended for animal welfare. Grupo Miguel Vergara is the spanish company with the largest farm herd for each of the selected breeds. In its facilities, a group of veterinarians and experts in animal welfare monitor the animals health, diet, feeding, confort conditions, way of habitat and many more details that affect directly on the quality the meat will have.

Instalaciones - Grupo-Miguel Vergara
The Beef Experience - Miguel Vergara

The taste is what makes the difference

Flavor and uniformity can only be guaranteed if there is an integral control of all the phases of breeding and production. All the products of Miguel Vergara are unique due to the animals from which they come from. These have been raised according to the highest standards of animal welfare, with comfort conditions specially designed for the maximum development of the color, juiciness and infiltration of the meet.