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The passion for livestock breeding and the total commitment to animal welfare are the values on which Grupo Miguel Vergara is based, which began its journey in 1960, when Miguel Vergara Zamora, with just a few years of age, was already accompanying his father, operator in the municipal slaughterhouse of Valladolid (Spain), to the old cattle markets. A life dedicated to transforming a family business around livestock into the current holding company with 100% Spanish capital. Three generations that work every day with effort and dedication to offer the market premium meat with homogeneous characteristics from selected breeds of national production.

What makes us different is that all the meat we sell has been raised on our farms, controlled by our own veterinarians and subjected to rigorous quality controls. All of this allows us to produce some of the best meat in Spain.

Philosophy Miguel Vergara

  • Excellence throughout the production chain
    Excellence throughout the production chain
  • 100% production on our farms
    100% production on our farms
  • Offer the best meat in the world
    Offer the best meat in the world
  • Commitment to the environment and animal welfare
    Commitment to the environment and animal welfare

At Grupo Miguel Vergara we work to feed people by providing them with different quality, delicious and nutritious beef products that cover not only the need to eat, but also to enjoy the experience of savoring the authentic flavor of beef, always ensuring the Animal Welfare, Food Safety, Maximum Quality and the Best Service.


The commitment to offering Gourmet meat has led us to bet solidly on innovation and to be strict with the controls that guarantee the food safety of each of our products.

Thus, a large and efficient human team is dedicated on a daily basis to audit all aspects related to our activity, from the production processes, to the feeding and comfort of our animals, through the new packaging and elaboration technologies to offer a product. always homogeneous and with a superior meat quality.

In addition, constant research in the creation of new products that satisfy the needs of consumers has led us to launch differentiated value proposals to the market.

Animal welfare and environmental respect

Grupo Miguel Vergara is the first Spanish farm with all its own farms certified in Animal Welfare , a certificate based on the highest European standard used for on-farm evaluations and that takes into account 4 principles of animal welfare: accommodation, food, health and behavior.

It is also worth highlighting our commitment to the environment - a sustainable production model - participating in the Life beef carbon project to reduce greenhouse gases, and to the rural environment where farms are located to fix employment.

Animal Welfare

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